With spam, malware, and web threats at an all-time high, adequate protection for your computer is imperative. While every web protection service claims to be the “best”, surprisingly, only a few do a sufficient job of protection your emails and web reputation. Trend Micro is a phenomenal software program for ultimate protection. In fact, Trend Micro maintains one of the world’s largest, most reliable email and web reputation datacenters available. Through the use of this program, billions of dynamically rated websites and spam sources are processed. In doing so, Trend Micro is able to supply to most advance, protective safeguards available. Let’s take a look at some of the most important features in Trend Micro’s newest release:


  1. Advanced protects Microsoft™ Exchange and Small Business Servers, Microsoft™ Windows™ servers, PCs, and laptops. 
  2. Comes bundled with InterScan™ Messaging Hosted Security to block spam before it reaches your network. 
  3. Worry-Free Business Security solutions are safer, smarter, and simpler so that businesses can stop worrying about security and focus on their business. 
  4. Web threat protection technology rapidly protects business assets and customer information from web threats to prevent business disruption and data theft.
  5. Application Behavior Monitoring: monitors application activities and prevents unauthorized, harmful changes.
  6. Multilayer Spam Blocking: stops spam before it reaches Exchange server by checking IP addresses against Trend Micro’s constantly updated database of known spam sources.
  7. Real-time, constantly updated protection does not slow down computers.
  8. Provides optimal security based on current environment.


All in all, Trend Micro is a phenomenal way to protect your important files, information, and data. Contact Little Soft Shop today for a discount!