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Top 8 Photoshop Tutorials

Aug 13, 2012 2:18:29 PM

With every new Adobe release, web design capabilities are pushed to new heights. Creating, editing, and modifying images and videos on Adobe Photoshop CS6 are no different. Even the most skilled web designers can constantly grow. Learning from Photoshop tutorials is one of the best methods of pushing skills forward, while bringing a new level of innovation to design style, aesthetic, and best practices.

With this in mind, Little Soft Shop has put together a list of helpful, creative, and interesting, tutorials throughout the online space. Below, we highlight 8 of the most intriguing Photoshop tutorials.

  1. Interested in milk and typography? Then this tutorial is the one for you!
  2. Remember the old lady who lived in the shoe? Learn how to recreate this image here.
  3. Creativity at its finest. Learn how to manipulate a house to make it look like nothing you have seen before!
  4. Caves create a variance of perspectives. This tutorial is awesome.
  5. Psychedelic images are great for mind games, check out this tiger tutorial.
  6. Photoshop beginners should take a look at this tutorial.
  7. Sports fan? Don’t miss this baseball tutorial.
  8. A tutorial for those interested in make-up, very cool!

With the introduction of Adobe CS6, Photoshop tutorials can prove to be extremely helpful in elevating current skills and learning new practices. For the latest software, visit Little Soft Shop today!

Posted in Adobe By David Thompson

Acer and the 2012 Olympics

Jul 26, 2012 11:26:49 AM

When it comes to the Olympic Games, it seems that the athletes get all of the glory. They train hard, display incredible physical talent, and rejoice with their country’s flag held high after proving that hard work and dedication really do pay off. But, what about the production of it all? While most of us cling to the television to watch the races, celebrate with our fellow Americans, and revel in the athleticism, the Olympics also plays quite the role in technology. In fact, three consumer tech brands, Acer, Samsung and Panasonic, will be amongst the 11 companies sponsoring the Games this year.

Anton Mitsyu, Acer’s head of Olympic sponsorship, reported to ABC News, "For the Olympic movement we are more than sponsors; we are partners. We bring our expertise and our experience with equipment and people. Our responsibility is to provide the computing for the games”. This computing responsibility is one in which Acer does not take lightly. Thousands of athletes, coaches, trainers, fans, crew members, etc. will be using Acer’s equipment on the Olympic grounds at one point or another during the summer competition.

Let’s take a look at the breakdown of Acer’s technological contributions to the 2012 Olympic Games:

  1. 13,500 desktop computers
  2. 2,900 laptops
  3. 950 servers and storage systems
  4. 13,000 monitors
  5. 4 computer areas with free Wi-Fi at the Olympic grounds, 3 for athletes to access the Internet and 1 for press covering the games
  6. 400 engineers on the grounds to ensure the technology is functioning smoothly


Clearly, Acer’s role in the 2012 Olympic Games is quite an important one. Athletics aside, technology still plays an instrumental part in the overall functioning of the Games. For the latest technology on the market, visit Little Soft Shop today!

Posted in Technology By David Thompson

Trend Micro for Ultimate Protection

Jun 11, 2012 12:32:51 PM

With spam, malware, and web threats at an all-time high, adequate protection for your computer is imperative. While every web protection service claims to be the “best”, surprisingly, only a few do a sufficient job of protection your emails and web reputation. Trend Micro is a phenomenal software program for ultimate protection. In fact, Trend Micro maintains one of the world’s largest, most reliable email and web reputation datacenters available. Through the use of this program, billions of dynamically rated websites and spam sources are processed. In doing so, Trend Micro is able to supply to most advance, protective safeguards available. Let’s take a look at some of the most important features in Trend Micro’s newest release:


  1. Advanced protects Microsoft™ Exchange and Small Business Servers, Microsoft™ Windows™ servers, PCs, and laptops. 
  2. Comes bundled with InterScan™ Messaging Hosted Security to block spam before it reaches your network. 
  3. Worry-Free Business Security solutions are safer, smarter, and simpler so that businesses can stop worrying about security and focus on their business. 
  4. Web threat protection technology rapidly protects business assets and customer information from web threats to prevent business disruption and data theft.
  5. Application Behavior Monitoring: monitors application activities and prevents unauthorized, harmful changes.
  6. Multilayer Spam Blocking: stops spam before it reaches Exchange server by checking IP addresses against Trend Micro’s constantly updated database of known spam sources.
  7. Real-time, constantly updated protection does not slow down computers.
  8. Provides optimal security based on current environment.


All in all, Trend Micro is a phenomenal way to protect your important files, information, and data. Contact Little Soft Shop today for a discount!

Posted in Antivirus By David Thompson

CS6 Photoshop Top Features

May 30, 2012 1:27:59 PM

The hype around the release of Adobe’s CS6 was certainly warranted. With additional product lines, a ton of enhanced products, and a few fresh perspectives, CS6 programs are poised to be truly groundbreaking. Concentrating on Photoshop CS6, it is clear that some big changes have taken place. Digital media professionals have all come together in celebration of yet another amazing product. Adobe’s Photoshop CS6 is undoubtedly a “must-have”. Let’s take a look at some of the most notable features that give Photoshop CS6 is prowess.


  1. Content-Aware Capability: as digital media professionals, the need to remove an individual piece of content from an image is common. In CS6, Adobe introduced us to Content-Aware Move, which allows users to take a single element on an image and move it somewhere else. Amazing!
  2. New Interface: now generally speaking, most individuals would not be up in arms about a new interface. However, Photoshop CS6 users are, in fact, designers who appreciate good aesthetic. With a darker, more streamlined, and easily accessible interface, CS6 is cleaner than ever.
  3. Cropping Tool: cropping capacity is no new friend to Photoshop; however, CS6 has pushed cropping capability to new levels. With advancements to this feature, CS6 users are able to crop with elevated precision and ease.
  4. Styled Type: taking a few notes from InDesign, Photoshop CS6 has expanded the ability to manipulate and formulate type. Improved type styling makes formatting much easier.
  5. Camera Raw 7.0 Plug-In: with this new plug-in, Adobe users can take their raw image files and edit with extended ease.


Little Soft Shop carries the latest software at the most affordable prices. Call us today for great software discounts!

Posted in Adobe By David Thompson

Digital Publishing Suite Upgrade

May 15, 2012 11:03:51 AM

One would think that Adobe would have their heads wrapped around the release of Creative Suite 6, focused solely on getting CS6 up to the typical standards we have all grown accustom to. These standards, however, apply across the board for Adobe's product lines. Adobe has reminded us of this with its upgrade to the Digital Publishing Suite (DPS). DPS is used to format magazines for mobile devices. Adobe has historically caught quite a bit of slack for somewhat ignoring "new" digital media. Formally stuck in its ways, the company has clearly acknowledged the importance of designing platforms for the digital media of today.

The advancements to the Digital Publishing Suite are critical to the ability to create digital versions of work to be displayed on current platforms. Let's take a look at the most notable changes and upgrades to Adobe's Digital Publishing Suite:

Social Sharing – many of us have been long awaiting this capability. Using the Digital Publishing Suite application, readers can now easily share through email, Facebook, or Twitter. Some say, "it's about time", but we choose to concentrate on the ability for this application to turn readers into subscribers. Awesome addition.

iPhone Compatibility – with the new Content Viewer, DPS finally catches up to the times. Now, iPhone and iPod Touch devices in addition to the iPad, Kindle Fire and Android tablets, can display DPS flawlessly.

Adobe Edge & InDesign – now, Digital Publishing Suite integrates perfectly with Adobe Edge. In addition, you can now repurpose a single layout for a variety of device sizes using the Alternative Layout function that comes equipped with InDesign CS6.

Font Rights – with the new rights apparent, customers using DPS can display a variety of embedded fonts from a segment of the Adobe Type Library.

Overall, the upgrades that Adobe has made to Digital Publishing Suite will prove to not only extend the capability of digital platforms, but Adobe should also see a substantial increase in user-ship.

Posted in Adobe By David Thompson