In the software industry, changes occur on a daily basis. Advancements in technology push us forward to new thinking and fresh ideas. So, when Yahoo announced that they would lay off 2,000 employees last week, we didn't expect to see many new additions for quite some time. However, Yahoo is not just restructuring, they are completely reorganizing the company in some seriously far-reaching ways. With the addition of three new business units: consumer, regions and technology, Yahoo has set the stage for some vast improvements.

While the consumer and regions departments will prove to be advantageous for Yahoo as a whole, we would like to focus on the technology aspect. As software proponents, it is difficult to read this news without taking a step back and analyzing its potential. Yahoo technology, what could that mean? We have a feeling they may shy away from being "another Google". If that is the case, will software be Yahoo's next target? We hope so.

All speculation about Yahoo as of late points to its tech team. What are they doing in the midst of this restructure? Are they working towards improvements to previous technology? Quite possibly, but we project something much bigger. As Yahoo continues to move away from Google's shadow, we predict an effort to infiltrate the software industry. Assumptions aside, Yahoo is most certainly planning something significant for the upcoming months.

What you do predict for the future of Yahoo? Only time will tell, but our fingers are crossed for the development of software.