At Little Soft Shop, we pride ourselves on carrying only the most premium software products on the market. As on of the biggest online software shops in the world, we must stay on top of the most current advancements in software and technology. In quite a surprising twist, the scientists at Disney Research are in the works of developing a world-changing technology. This privately owned touch-sensing technology called Touché would give touchscreen capabilities to some truly shocking substances and objects.

Disney's invention pushes technology in an incredible direction, pressing the limits of how we can take a somewhat simple concept, touchscreen competency, and transform it to employ to a magnitude of different applications. As a software company, we constantly take news like this and reflect back to our core. How will this advancement affect software products from Adobe? What about Internet security software? What changes will take place in order to give safety and security to objects and substances affected by Disney's Touché.

So, what can this new technology actually do? While many of the questions are still largely unanswered, there are quite a few exciting facts that are sure to have anyone on the edge of their seat.

Below we highlight some of the most sensational elements of Disney's touch-sensing technology, Touché:

While typical touchscreens on smartphones and the like use a "swipe" sensory mechanism, the Touché can read complicated configurations. Moving past a single electrical frequency, this new technology can read and recognize not only a much wider range electrical frequencies, but also distinguishes and detects gestures.

With the vast number of applications, Touché can be used on everyday objects like walls, doorknobs, and even couches.

Even further, Touché can be utilized with substances. Touch-sensing technology can be applied to any kind of liquid, easily. Imagine the day when a swimming pool can detect a child who cannot swim; that day is coming very, very soon.

Those snippets only scratch the surface of Touché incredible future. Stay tuned; the future is coming at a shockingly rapid rate. For the most recent updates on all of the latest and greatest software, contact Little Soft Shop!