When it comes to the Olympic Games, it seems that the athletes get all of the glory. They train hard, display incredible physical talent, and rejoice with their country’s flag held high after proving that hard work and dedication really do pay off. But, what about the production of it all? While most of us cling to the television to watch the races, celebrate with our fellow Americans, and revel in the athleticism, the Olympics also plays quite the role in technology. In fact, three consumer tech brands, Acer, Samsung and Panasonic, will be amongst the 11 companies sponsoring the Games this year.

Anton Mitsyu, Acer’s head of Olympic sponsorship, reported to ABC News, "For the Olympic movement we are more than sponsors; we are partners. We bring our expertise and our experience with equipment and people. Our responsibility is to provide the computing for the games”. This computing responsibility is one in which Acer does not take lightly. Thousands of athletes, coaches, trainers, fans, crew members, etc. will be using Acer’s equipment on the Olympic grounds at one point or another during the summer competition.

Let’s take a look at the breakdown of Acer’s technological contributions to the 2012 Olympic Games:

  1. 13,500 desktop computers
  2. 2,900 laptops
  3. 950 servers and storage systems
  4. 13,000 monitors
  5. 4 computer areas with free Wi-Fi at the Olympic grounds, 3 for athletes to access the Internet and 1 for press covering the games
  6. 400 engineers on the grounds to ensure the technology is functioning smoothly


Clearly, Acer’s role in the 2012 Olympic Games is quite an important one. Athletics aside, technology still plays an instrumental part in the overall functioning of the Games. For the latest technology on the market, visit Little Soft Shop today!