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Acer and the 2012 Olympics

Jul 26, 2012 11:26:49 AM

When it comes to the Olympic Games, it seems that the athletes get all of the glory. They train hard, display incredible physical talent, and rejoice with their country’s flag held high after proving that hard work and dedication really do pay off. But, what about the production of it all? While most of us cling to the television to watch the races, celebrate with our fellow Americans, and revel in the athleticism, the Olympics also plays quite the role in technology. In fact, three consumer tech brands, Acer, Samsung and Panasonic, will be amongst the 11 companies sponsoring the Games this year.

Anton Mitsyu, Acer’s head of Olympic sponsorship, reported to ABC News, "For the Olympic movement we are more than sponsors; we are partners. We bring our expertise and our experience with equipment and people. Our responsibility is to provide the computing for the games”. This computing responsibility is one in which Acer does not take lightly. Thousands of athletes, coaches, trainers, fans, crew members, etc. will be using Acer’s equipment on the Olympic grounds at one point or another during the summer competition.

Let’s take a look at the breakdown of Acer’s technological contributions to the 2012 Olympic Games:

  1. 13,500 desktop computers
  2. 2,900 laptops
  3. 950 servers and storage systems
  4. 13,000 monitors
  5. 4 computer areas with free Wi-Fi at the Olympic grounds, 3 for athletes to access the Internet and 1 for press covering the games
  6. 400 engineers on the grounds to ensure the technology is functioning smoothly


Clearly, Acer’s role in the 2012 Olympic Games is quite an important one. Athletics aside, technology still plays an instrumental part in the overall functioning of the Games. For the latest technology on the market, visit Little Soft Shop today!

Posted in Technology By David Thompson

Touch-Sensing Technology

May 9, 2012 11:18:16 AM

At Little Soft Shop, we pride ourselves on carrying only the most premium software products on the market. As on of the biggest online software shops in the world, we must stay on top of the most current advancements in software and technology. In quite a surprising twist, the scientists at Disney Research are in the works of developing a world-changing technology. This privately owned touch-sensing technology called Touché would give touchscreen capabilities to some truly shocking substances and objects.

Disney's invention pushes technology in an incredible direction, pressing the limits of how we can take a somewhat simple concept, touchscreen competency, and transform it to employ to a magnitude of different applications. As a software company, we constantly take news like this and reflect back to our core. How will this advancement affect software products from Adobe? What about Internet security software? What changes will take place in order to give safety and security to objects and substances affected by Disney's Touché.

So, what can this new technology actually do? While many of the questions are still largely unanswered, there are quite a few exciting facts that are sure to have anyone on the edge of their seat.

Below we highlight some of the most sensational elements of Disney's touch-sensing technology, Touché:

While typical touchscreens on smartphones and the like use a "swipe" sensory mechanism, the Touché can read complicated configurations. Moving past a single electrical frequency, this new technology can read and recognize not only a much wider range electrical frequencies, but also distinguishes and detects gestures.

With the vast number of applications, Touché can be used on everyday objects like walls, doorknobs, and even couches.

Even further, Touché can be utilized with substances. Touch-sensing technology can be applied to any kind of liquid, easily. Imagine the day when a swimming pool can detect a child who cannot swim; that day is coming very, very soon.

Those snippets only scratch the surface of Touché incredible future. Stay tuned; the future is coming at a shockingly rapid rate. For the most recent updates on all of the latest and greatest software, contact Little Soft Shop!

Posted in Technology By David Thompson

The Future of Yahoo

Apr 10, 2012 5:27:28 PM

In the software industry, changes occur on a daily basis. Advancements in technology push us forward to new thinking and fresh ideas. So, when Yahoo announced that they would lay off 2,000 employees last week, we didn't expect to see many new additions for quite some time. However, Yahoo is not just restructuring, they are completely reorganizing the company in some seriously far-reaching ways. With the addition of three new business units: consumer, regions and technology, Yahoo has set the stage for some vast improvements.

While the consumer and regions departments will prove to be advantageous for Yahoo as a whole, we would like to focus on the technology aspect. As software proponents, it is difficult to read this news without taking a step back and analyzing its potential. Yahoo technology, what could that mean? We have a feeling they may shy away from being "another Google". If that is the case, will software be Yahoo's next target? We hope so.

All speculation about Yahoo as of late points to its tech team. What are they doing in the midst of this restructure? Are they working towards improvements to previous technology? Quite possibly, but we project something much bigger. As Yahoo continues to move away from Google's shadow, we predict an effort to infiltrate the software industry. Assumptions aside, Yahoo is most certainly planning something significant for the upcoming months.

What you do predict for the future of Yahoo? Only time will tell, but our fingers are crossed for the development of software.

Posted in Technology By David Thompson

Choosing Windows 7 Software

Mar 27, 2012 2:30:36 PM

Do you have the newest PC operating software available? If so, you are running Windows 7. If not, you may be running Windows Vista, Windows XP, or an even earlier operating system. Many sources reviewed Windows Vista negatively, losing Microsoft countless customers after its late 2007 release. However, if you are one of those PC users who never gave Windows another chance, or you have simply never used Windows 7, read on and reconsider! Windows 7 gives users a faster, smarter, and simply a more exciting platform on which to use your PC.

The overall look of Windows is 7 significantly improved, including a newly retooled taskbar, new wallpapers, and handy new features like Snap, Shake, and Peek that give users unprecedented control. For example, simply drag a window to either side of the screen and watch as it "snaps" to fit that half of the screen perfectly. You can also aim your cursor over a minimized window to see a translucent preview of its contents. These great new features go on and on.

If you search our product list, you will see that there are six separate versions of Windows 7. There are 32bit and 64bit versions of Home Premium, Professional, and Ultimate. Wondering which one to get? The following is a brief explanation of the core differences.

Windows 7 32-bit vs. 64-bit

The 64-bit version of Windows handles large amounts of RAM more effectively than a 32-bit system. Typically, if your computer has 4GB of RAM of more, the 64-bit version would be your best choice and vice-versa.

Windows 7 Home Premium Edition – Windows 7 Professional – Windows 7 Ultimate

Features exclusive to Professional and Ultimate:

  • Run in Windows XP Mode
  • Connect with company networks easily and safely via Domain Join
  • Back-up files to a home or business network

Features exclusive to Ultimate:

  • Data protection from theft or loss with BitLocker
  • Work in the language of your choice (over 35 available)


Posted in Technology By David Thompson

Technology February

Feb 7, 2012 4:21:07 PM

Technology has been a recognizable force in our economy during the first week of February. As companies continue to release the latest and greatest technology advancements for our everyday living, it is sometimes overwhelming. Keeping up with the trends that seem to move a million miles a minute is difficult. We have put together a list of our top 5 technology releases in the past week.

  1. Liquipel: prepare to be wowed! Liquipel is a new, ingenious invention that prevents electron devices from water damage. A coating undetectable to the eye is applied to the device and water is no longer a threat to a functioning piece of technology.

  2. Hot Wheels iNitro Speeders: these are not the Hot Wheels you grew up racing. These tiny play cars go so fast they are almost unseen. Use the iPhone app to control the cars course.
  3. Andru: this microUSB charger is quite the looker. The little green guy is an Android-themed charger is affordable, useful, and noticeably cute.

  4. VooMote Zapper: a lazy person’s dream. Download the app and this gadget connects to your iPhone, iPad, or iPod, giving you the power to control your all of your home entertainment from any iDevice.

  5. West Coast Chill: are cooler’s days numbered? Their lifespan may be shortened due to the West Coast Chill energy drink in the world’s first self-refrigerating can.


As a software company, we love and appreciate the rapid introduction of new technologies almost everyday.

Posted in Technology By David Thompson