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When it comes to virus protection and malware, computer programs are vital to the health and overall well-being of any PC on the market. Webroot, one of the leading companies in computer security, has released SecureAnywhere, their 2013 update. The new program has received a warm welcome by the software community, as the total product revamp was somewhat of a necessity.

Users of Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security Plus 2013 will recognize quite a few changes to previous programs. The company aims to provide a better overall experience for the PC user, free from viruses and any unsafe malware on the internet. While the software does not provide the span of protection that comes with most full-features security suits, users will find that there are a number of features which provide solid antivirus protection.

Some of the most exciting features of Webroot’s SecureAnywhere include:

      • Incredible malware removal test
      • Faster scans
      • Improved password management
      • Protection for non-PC devices
      • Fast installation
      • Protection and management of Android devices


The company is excited about this new release, pointing to the revamp which will support Webroot as a main player in the antivirus software game. Dick Williams, the company’s CEO, has shed light on this excitement in a recent email: "For far too long, people have endured a miserable experience with their PC security. Security vendors, including Webroot, have expected customers to buy, install, and manage security products by themselves. This industry has been delivering products that are less and less effective against threats from zero-day exploits, social engineering, and other sophisticated techniques we see today. Webroot is taking the misery out of security. SecureAnywhere is the fastest, lightest, and the least demanding – so people are free to do what they want online."

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Posted in Antivirus By David Thompson

Hackers Target Adobe Flash, Again

Aug 24, 2012 2:27:02 PM

For those software advocates who have utilized Adobe Flash over the years, hackers and malware, unfortunately, come with the territory. Historically, Adobe Flash apps have a set of widespread weaknesses that leave the program susceptible to quite an array of viruses. While Adobe Flash continues its effort to remain relevant in a constantly changing technology industry, it seems suspect that his company has neglected to address so many apparent weaknesses.

Like in the past with the traditional Adobe Flash, now Android’s new mobile app for the program sends another message to hackers: we are still vulnerable. As a whole, Adobe has been in a longstanding dispute with computer-giant, Apple. Excluding the program in Apple’s iOS sent another glaring message to Adobe that Apple just isn’t interested. Conversely, Adobe Flash advocates who happened to own an Android mobile device were beside themselves in happiness about Flash’s compatibility with the gadget.

Nevertheless, time has gone on and Android users have found that one of the most exciting features on their new phones and tablets (Adobe Flash) is sending an open invitation for hackers to attack. Flash Mobile, the Android phone’s app, was recently pulled from the Google Play store. This indicates Adobe’s recognition of the potential threat.

This particular hacker attack comes in the form of Microsoft Word documents. While many virus protection software has stopped any serious attacks or threats to individual computers, hackers have continued to find ways around them in cases where updates have not been installed. Symantec representatives have stated that those who own anti-virus software must make sure to continually update to the newest version, as add-ons to deal with viruses such as this one are frequently implemented.

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Posted in Antivirus By David Thompson

Trend Micro for Ultimate Protection

Jun 11, 2012 12:32:51 PM

With spam, malware, and web threats at an all-time high, adequate protection for your computer is imperative. While every web protection service claims to be the “best”, surprisingly, only a few do a sufficient job of protection your emails and web reputation. Trend Micro is a phenomenal software program for ultimate protection. In fact, Trend Micro maintains one of the world’s largest, most reliable email and web reputation datacenters available. Through the use of this program, billions of dynamically rated websites and spam sources are processed. In doing so, Trend Micro is able to supply to most advance, protective safeguards available. Let’s take a look at some of the most important features in Trend Micro’s newest release:


  1. Advanced protects Microsoft™ Exchange and Small Business Servers, Microsoft™ Windows™ servers, PCs, and laptops. 
  2. Comes bundled with InterScan™ Messaging Hosted Security to block spam before it reaches your network. 
  3. Worry-Free Business Security solutions are safer, smarter, and simpler so that businesses can stop worrying about security and focus on their business. 
  4. Web threat protection technology rapidly protects business assets and customer information from web threats to prevent business disruption and data theft.
  5. Application Behavior Monitoring: monitors application activities and prevents unauthorized, harmful changes.
  6. Multilayer Spam Blocking: stops spam before it reaches Exchange server by checking IP addresses against Trend Micro’s constantly updated database of known spam sources.
  7. Real-time, constantly updated protection does not slow down computers.
  8. Provides optimal security based on current environment.


All in all, Trend Micro is a phenomenal way to protect your important files, information, and data. Contact Little Soft Shop today for a discount!

Posted in Antivirus By David Thompson

 Protect yourself Against online hackers!  If you have a computer, you need to have great online security.  You can have a brand new computer and just a few moments can mean major disfunction.  If you’re computer is left vulnerable, a strong virus can compromise functionality and even destroy your computer completely.  Security software, such as Trend Micro, Norton Anti Virus, and McAfee AntiVirus, gives you the online protection removes harmful threats and catches viruses before they hit.  Protect your business, finances, and customer information.  Get Anti Virus Software.

Trend Micro Worry-Free Security Solution

Information is security. That is what Trend Micro gives your computer. Trend Micro’s Worry-Free Security acts as a computer datacenter.  Trend Micro gains the listings on billions of spam sources.  Before a potential danger even reaches your computer, Trend Micro is already aware of it. Trend Micro allows you to block dangerous emails and online web threats. Trend Micro Worry-Free Security Solution is one of your best security solution.    

Protecting yourself with Internet security is great detection.  Norton AntiVirus is here to track down your computer threats.  It will detect computer spyware and viruses.  Once a virus is spotted it is then removed. Norton Anti Virus 2010 has enhanced performance to give you increased defense without sacrificing computer speed. You can begin, scan, and run your anti virus with fluid precision.  Now you can exchange mail, instant messages without fear of infection.  Ensure your computer’s health with

McAfee AntiVirus Plus 2010

Download without fear!  Downloading information on your computer is more and more common.  In order to gain and trade information like this safely, get McAfee Anti Virus Plus 2010.  McAfee Anti Virus comes with Site advisor.  Site Advisor warns of potentially harmful sites.  So when you visit a site with suspicious content, you will get a visual warning that that will warn you.  Without a good anti virus, computer hackers can take your private passwords and personal information. Quick Clean feature also scans your computer and keeps it optimized for quality, efficient performance.

If you have a computer, you need to have great security.

Posted in Antivirus By David Thompson