Are you curious to learn the ins and outs of Adobe’s products? Would you like to dive deeper into the workings of HTML, CSS, motion graphics, web development and more? Well, if you are a graphic designer, web developer, or any kind of web junkie, Adobe’s ‘Create the Web’ event is just for you. Traveling to locations across the world, Adobe will be answering questions, revealing new information, and hosting intriguing discussions involving their software applications.

The Adobe team will travel to San Francisco, London, Tokyo, and Sydney to host the event in each location. The strategy behind the location selections seems clear. All four of the listed locations are leaders in technology and software development in their respective countries. As such, Adobe staff members hope to light a fuel under these cities’ web application fire, bringing an elevated level of conversation to these areas.

As Adobe continues to push to provide access to their applications on multiple platforms, users will be able to fully appreciate all of the new components featured in HTML5, as well as a number of new layout formats. From PCs to tablets to smart phones, Adobe developers continue their quest to allow for functionality on all of these devices.

The Create the Web event is already sold out; however, those who missed the deadline will have an opportunity to live stream the event here. A number of different speakers and presentations will be available, all of which are listed on the site. We look forward to the reveal of the new capabilities that Adobe has to offer.