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When it comes to virus protection and malware, computer programs are vital to the health and overall well-being of any PC on the market. Webroot, one of the leading companies in computer security, has released SecureAnywhere, their 2013 update. The new program has received a warm welcome by the software community, as the total product revamp was somewhat of a necessity.

Users of Webroot SecureAnywhere Internet Security Plus 2013 will recognize quite a few changes to previous programs. The company aims to provide a better overall experience for the PC user, free from viruses and any unsafe malware on the internet. While the software does not provide the span of protection that comes with most full-features security suits, users will find that there are a number of features which provide solid antivirus protection.

Some of the most exciting features of Webroot’s SecureAnywhere include:

      • Incredible malware removal test
      • Faster scans
      • Improved password management
      • Protection for non-PC devices
      • Fast installation
      • Protection and management of Android devices


The company is excited about this new release, pointing to the revamp which will support Webroot as a main player in the antivirus software game. Dick Williams, the company’s CEO, has shed light on this excitement in a recent email: "For far too long, people have endured a miserable experience with their PC security. Security vendors, including Webroot, have expected customers to buy, install, and manage security products by themselves. This industry has been delivering products that are less and less effective against threats from zero-day exploits, social engineering, and other sophisticated techniques we see today. Webroot is taking the misery out of security. SecureAnywhere is the fastest, lightest, and the least demanding – so people are free to do what they want online."

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Posted in Antivirus By David Thompson

Adobe Re-Focuses on Developers

Oct 13, 2012 12:47:41 PM

In the last year, Adobe has developed a number of Edge programs that have truly made an impact on the software landscape today, especially in the eyes of developers. By making significant changes to the internal structure of the company, Adobe has found that it is able to work more efficiently and quickly, responding to software bugs within incredibly short windows of time. These changes have achieved a number of successes for the company as a whole, from its ability to be productive to its ability to give their clientele quick results.

The massive shift in Adobe’s structure has moved focus from large groups of problem solvers to much smaller, intimate groups who can react to issues quickly and fix them in an efficient manner. The company has found that small groups are much more effective in creating quick solutions to current problems. Borrowing some of these tactics from Google, Adobe has found that much success is bred from small groups working resourcefully.

Adobe’s senior project manager, Jacob Surber, believes that this change will be incredibly effective for the overall productivity of the company. He stated, “We've changed the way we do things. We've gone from very large, very waterfall-driven teams to very small. We built Reflow with a six-man team in six months. We are going very iteratively, [with] very small, very focused teams, and it's really changed the way that we approach design and development and refinement of these applications."

Surber believes that these changes will have an enormous impact on the future of the company and its current practices. Do you agree with the use of small groups versus large collections of individuals? Little Soft Shop takes pride in our ability to provide the best software at the lowest prices. Contact us today for the best software on the market!

Posted in Adobe By David Thompson

Adobe Photoshop Elements 11

Sep 30, 2012 2:21:09 PM

Available for both Windows and Mac users, Adobe’s Photoshop Elements 11 is the newest release from the design software giant. As with any new product release, Photoshop Elements 11 comes with several new features that have never been seen before in the industry. Before purchasing this product, it is important to keep in mind that many of these features were created for professional use. Industry professionals can take advantage of these new tools, which truly push the envelope of web graphics and design.

The following are some of the most useful new features for design professionals:

    • Guided Edits allows users to create professional quality photographic effects to enhance the look and feel of any image
    • Layout Flexibility lets you choose from a number of professionally designed templates or create your own custom templates
    • Map View integrates with Google Maps to allow users to see the world and zoom in to any area imaginable
    • An improved Media Organizer makes viewing and moving video clips and photos much easier
    • Special Events features helps users sort and recall events in the calendar view
    • Creative Filters can change the look of any image, from Comics to Illustrations and much more
    • Shortcuts allows edits such as teeth whitening or color fixing in one simple step


Photoshop Elements 11 offers quite a few useful additions. The above only scratch the surface of the beneficial features added to the improved software. Adobe continues to develop its design programs and Little Soft Shop remains on the cutting-edge of all software releases. For the best prices around, contact us today!

Posted in Adobe By David Thompson

Adobe’s Create the Web Event

Sep 12, 2012 2:51:45 PM

Are you curious to learn the ins and outs of Adobe’s products? Would you like to dive deeper into the workings of HTML, CSS, motion graphics, web development and more? Well, if you are a graphic designer, web developer, or any kind of web junkie, Adobe’s ‘Create the Web’ event is just for you. Traveling to locations across the world, Adobe will be answering questions, revealing new information, and hosting intriguing discussions involving their software applications.

The Adobe team will travel to San Francisco, London, Tokyo, and Sydney to host the event in each location. The strategy behind the location selections seems clear. All four of the listed locations are leaders in technology and software development in their respective countries. As such, Adobe staff members hope to light a fuel under these cities’ web application fire, bringing an elevated level of conversation to these areas.

As Adobe continues to push to provide access to their applications on multiple platforms, users will be able to fully appreciate all of the new components featured in HTML5, as well as a number of new layout formats. From PCs to tablets to smart phones, Adobe developers continue their quest to allow for functionality on all of these devices.

The Create the Web event is already sold out; however, those who missed the deadline will have an opportunity to live stream the event here. A number of different speakers and presentations will be available, all of which are listed on the site. We look forward to the reveal of the new capabilities that Adobe has to offer.

Posted in Adobe By David Thompson

Hackers Target Adobe Flash, Again

Aug 24, 2012 2:27:02 PM

For those software advocates who have utilized Adobe Flash over the years, hackers and malware, unfortunately, come with the territory. Historically, Adobe Flash apps have a set of widespread weaknesses that leave the program susceptible to quite an array of viruses. While Adobe Flash continues its effort to remain relevant in a constantly changing technology industry, it seems suspect that his company has neglected to address so many apparent weaknesses.

Like in the past with the traditional Adobe Flash, now Android’s new mobile app for the program sends another message to hackers: we are still vulnerable. As a whole, Adobe has been in a longstanding dispute with computer-giant, Apple. Excluding the program in Apple’s iOS sent another glaring message to Adobe that Apple just isn’t interested. Conversely, Adobe Flash advocates who happened to own an Android mobile device were beside themselves in happiness about Flash’s compatibility with the gadget.

Nevertheless, time has gone on and Android users have found that one of the most exciting features on their new phones and tablets (Adobe Flash) is sending an open invitation for hackers to attack. Flash Mobile, the Android phone’s app, was recently pulled from the Google Play store. This indicates Adobe’s recognition of the potential threat.

This particular hacker attack comes in the form of Microsoft Word documents. While many virus protection software has stopped any serious attacks or threats to individual computers, hackers have continued to find ways around them in cases where updates have not been installed. Symantec representatives have stated that those who own anti-virus software must make sure to continually update to the newest version, as add-ons to deal with viruses such as this one are frequently implemented.

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Posted in Antivirus By David Thompson